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As far as functionality is concerned, expense manager is the best budgeting app available, even if it is super read article ugly. Mint is not only the best free budget app, but its thec best budget app available for android users. Sometimes when we're overwhelmed with life's many challenges; great or small , we focus too much on what is wrong rather than what can be done to change it. Or, We get all wrapped up on the things we can't change and complain about why it's happening to us at all. What we need to remember is that Allah is the best of Planners and he testes our patience and whether or not we're truly dedicated to him. So next time, instead of complaining, panting, or just stressing; stop, breath, make wudu and PRAY. Just pray two rakats (sets) and make dua and zikr to Allah and I promise you all will be well. Do your best and leave the rest to HIM. May Allah calm our hearts, our minds and our lives. And may we find rest, peace and kushu in our prayers-Ameen ya Allah!

Masjid Ar-Rowda Iegc's photo.